Human Resources

Human Resources

Learning & Developing Organizational Structure: Leading in Innovation, Pioneering in Success
Tera Yatırım is at the forefront of the industry with the impressive dynamics brought by having a strong HR management!

By placing the value of the individual and the importance of corporate culture at the heart of all our processes, we focus on creating a human-centered competitive advantage through a constant 'Learning & Developing Organization' structure.

Strong and open communication, trust-based sharing, constructive collaboration, and agile work are essential elements we emphasize. With a belief in unleashing the true potential of every function and individual within the organization and by successfully combining traditional and innovative business models, we are committed to continuous development for both individuals and the organization.

In shaping our HR strategies, we believe in long-term investment in areas such as talent acquisition and talent management, and we prioritize a systematic, data-driven approach in these areas.
Be Part of Innovation, Prepare for the Future with Your Workforce!
By embracing the importance of technological transformation and advancement, we structure new generation HR tools to create a more effective and efficient team. By embracing continuous development and change, we position our workforce at the heart of innovation.

In a contemporary work environment, we shape our colleagues' ideas, talents, and potential, shaping our company's future together. By taking on a creative and inspiring role in our HR strategies, we, as Tera Yatırım, excitedly prepare for a future strengthened by our innovative mindset and embrace change.

As Team Tera, together we are stronger, and together we hold the key to success.
To Explore and Learn is Not Just a Process, It's an Experience and Attitude.
With the aim of designing the future from today, we gather comprehensive competencies to structure agile and efficient processes across all units of our organizational structure through training and development programs under TERAVERSE ACADEMY. TeraVerse Academy aims to unleash our potential and, based on our core corporate value of the Growth Mindset, supports all team members while adding efficiency to processes with enjoyable training. We aim to run towards a common vision as ONE team.
  • Measurable, observable, and improvable trainings.
  • Sustainable systems applicable in all business processes.
  • Models, techniques, and international teachings that prioritize innovative and creative thinking, supporting both individual confidence and synergistic team development within a high-performance culture.
  • A wide variety of training covering systematic modules and new generation approaches in different fields: team & leadership workshops, traditional and innovative financial models, data science & analysis, digital leadership skills, sales & marketing techniques, information systems, entrepreneurship, technological vision discussions, multicultural training, personal development, etc.
In addition to leading business schools and academic partners in the field of education and development, we aim to provide enjoyable and new-generation trainings with our senior executives who will share their knowledge.
Core Values
Agility & Adaptability - The heart of how we operate
Belief in Self, Hard Work, Endurance, Commitment.

Integrity & Ethical Values - A Paramount
High Standards for Honesty, Fairness, Values & Actions as individuals and as a company.

Innovation & Imagination - The passion we strive on
Courageous, Curious, Insightful

Diversity & Inclusion - People are the source of our strength
Diverse Backgrounds, Perspectives, Wisdom & Knowledge makes us a better team.

Growth Mindset & Loyalty - Moving forward with the unified vision
Team Work, Devotion, Sense of Belonging, Accountability, Responsibility, Quality.